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    It’s Time To Think Of Teenagers As An EV Audience

    Teenagers today face lives framed by a hotter climate. With so many social and environmental issues surrounding them, teenagers are increasingly interested in ways to reduce the carbon emissions that are harming the planet. Combined with coming-of-age rituals, the purchase of an electric vehicle (EV) is capturing the imagination of the new generation of drivers as a concrete, viable step to mitigate the climate crisis.

    What can be done to positively influence teenagers to move from imagination to action and to choose an EV for their first drive?

    The Appeal of an EV for Young Adults

    It’s important to recognize that today’s teenagers will be tomorrow’s leaders, and they will continue the current process that has begun to transition to a low carbon future. Already teenagers have been inspired by advocacy for a carbon tax, buying local, and using green energy. Now more teenagers…

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