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    Is vegan fashion a greenwashing con?

    Lack of regulation

    For all the new innovations, not much has changed since the days of pleather – today most vegan leather is still made from either polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), both of which are incredibly polluting. And even brands that say they are using plant-derived materials are often making as little as 25 per cent of their product from, say, cactus or pineapple skin, and the rest from plastic. The fashion industry remains deeply unregulated, so there is little pushback on this.

    “This is greenwashing, 100 per cent,” says Lee. “It makes me very angry, but we see it on a daily basis. We often have brands coming to us with this new vegan leather they have been offered and we have to tell them it’s basically plastic. I would be as bold as to say that vegan fashion is the main area where greenwashing is a concern.”


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