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    Is Dolls Kill Fast Fashion? Analysis + Alternatives

    In this article, we’ll ask ‘is Dolls Kill fast fashion,’ deep diving into the brand to ask where its clothes are made and if the brand is ethical.

    Dolls Kill is an online fashion brand founded in 2011 by DJ. The brand grew in popularity because of its eccentric styles and now creates collections of clothing, including punk, gothic, on-trend, and vintage styles.

    While the fashion brand may have been voted the fasted growing retailer in 2014 by Inc. Magazine, Dolls Kill has received a lot of public backlash in recent years, and for a good reason.

    Let’s take a look behind the brand and discover if Dolls Kill is fast fashion.

    Is Dolls Kill Fast Fashion?

    Yes, Dolls Kill is considered a fast fashion brand. The brand produces hundreds of styles from unsustainable materials and regularly holds site-wide flash sales to encourage its customers to consume more of its…

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