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    Hymer Puts Venture S Solar-powered RV Concept Into Production

    German caravan manufacturer, Hymer, first showed its Venture S solar-panel RV in 2019 – now, after years of development, this electric camper van is finally available to customers!

    Unlike most van-based RVs, which are based on commercial versions of a given van chassis, Hymer based the Venture S on a more upscale Sprinter trim, which means this particular camper van will have some more upscale infotainment and the optional, upscale Mercedes seats up front for the driver and passenger – and that’s good, because the camper section of the van is really designed for two (as opposed to some American RVs, which often sacrifice some functionality in exchange for “sleeping capacity.”

    Those two campers will enjoy a van with all-wheel drive and studded tires featuring a narrow body that results in increased maneuverability, and to make up for the decreased space inside, the…

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