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    Hunting Invasive Species for the Environment

    Hunting has driven many species to extinction, while many more species continue to be threatened by poachers. But when hunters turn their attention to invasive species, they can provide an environmental benefit. In some places, authorities encourage hunting invasive species by making it a competitive sport. Here are a few ways that hunters can use their skills to benefit the environment – and sometimes even win prizes.

    Feral Hogs in Texas

    Collared peccaries, also known as javelinas, are a type of wild boar that is native to the desert Southwest. But even though there is a pig-like niche in this desert environment, it’s a real problem when pigs colonize the desert. Some 2.6 million feral hogs in Texas cause an estimated $500 million in damage every year.

    The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service – Wildlife Services funds a grant program through which the Central Texas Feral Hog…

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