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    How to Plan and Organise an Eco-Friendly Wedding

    An eco-friendly or sustainable wedding is a celebration that is aimed at reducing the impact of the event on the environment. Nowadays, there are almost limitless ideas for green weddings with greener options for catering, invitations, attire, food, drinks and decorations.

    The wedding day is among the most significant and greatest day of a person’s life, but with a ton of thrown-away paper goods, excess food, and leftover flowers, it’s certainly one of the most wasteful. This doesn’t mean you should give up your celebration altogether, but if you’re eco-conscious, you could plan and organise an eco-friendly wedding.

    Planning such a wedding doesn’t have to be more difficult than planning a less environmentally-friendly event, it just requires more attention to certain details. Here are several suggestions on how to pull it off.

    Opt for eco-friendly…

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