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    How To Get Dewy Skin

    Dewy skin is always in – especially in the summer. A healthy, hydrated glow is a warm weather staple for many. The secret to this fresh and glossy look is hydration, and lots of it. If trying out this look is on your to-do list, read on for a simple routine that will “dew” the trick. 

    What is Dewy Skin?

    Dewy skin is moisturized, supple, smooth skin that looks fresh and has a glow to it. Think hydrated, bright post-exfoliation skin. A telltale sign of dewy skin is that it reflects light beautifully, especially on the highest points of the face like the cheekbones. A lot of beauty lovers aim to achieve dewy skin in the summer because it creates a beautiful canvas for fresh, lightweight makeup.

    How is it Different from Oily Skin? 

    While on the surface, the dewy skin look might conjure up images of an oil slick, think of it more as a freshly moisturized look with a smooth,…

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