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    How The UN Xinjiang Report Will Impact The Cleantech Industry (Part 2)

    In Part 1, I gave readers some very quick historical background on how the situation in Xinjiang came to be, and what the UN Human Rights office found in its investigation into the human rights violations. Now that readers have some familiarity of what exactly we’re dealing with, it’s time to explore how this affects clean technologies globally.

    The Shrinking Benefits Of Doubt

    One of the biggest immediate effects of the UN report’s release is that it makes it harder to doubt that bad things are happening in the region. When a few activists who left the region speak up, it’s just some accusations. When the media interviews former detainees and tells their stories, that’s still just accusations, even if more detailed. Now, we’ve got the weight of a major international organization saying that these things are all happening, so it’s harder to just dismiss.


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