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    How small communities can get the big climate money

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    Tybee Island in Georgia has a rain problem.

    The small barrier island’s stormwater system, fed by storm drains across the coastal community, funnels into a pipe that comes out on the beach at the southern tip of Tybee. But that pipe gets regularly buried by sand.

    “What happens is when it gets covered with sand, and the tide rises, there’s nowhere for the stormwater to go,” said Alan Robertson, a Tybee resident and consultant for the city. 

    The water backs up in the system and wells up out of the drains, flooding the roads. It’s a chronic problem, he said, that the city is trying to solve. 

    “The city has to clear this every day,” Roberston said. 

    Tybee’s not alone. All over the country, old stormwater systems struggle to keep up with increased…

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