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    How Natural Toners Hydrate Your Hair?

    Have all those summer beach trips got your skin feeling a little dry like sand, instead of dewy and refreshed like an ocean mist? An unfortunate side effect of sunshine and tan skin can be dryness, especially for those of us with skin that’s already naturally dry. What’s the perfect remedy for dryness?

    First, consistent water intake is key. Next, add a hydrating toner to your daily routine (and SPF)!

    Your toner (and skin care) should contain natural and organic ingredients for maximum nourishment. Now, you might be thinking, “what, now I have to add another product to my routine?” But try hearing us out! Once you get the scoop on hydrating skin with a toner, you’ll be off like a sea breeze to quickly add one to your skincare routine!

    What Do Toners Do, and Why Do You Need One?

    You’re probably familiar with the conventional and harsh chemical toners…

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