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    Here Are Three Reasons Why Electric Cars Will Soon Be Less Expensive

    There has been a lot of gloating lately in some circles, celebrating the fact that sales of electric cars have slowed somewhat, particularly in the US. Auto dealers in particular are quick to point fingers and say, “See? We said nobody wants to buy electric cars and we were right.”

    During the UAW strike, Ford said it was putting plans for a new battery factory in Michigan on hold, to the delight of many. After the strike, Ford announced it would go forward with the factory after all but on a smaller scale than originally planned. It also said it would pare back production pans for its f-150 Lightning electric pickup truck. GM and Ram are also slow walking their own electric pickup trucks, although Ram says it has a true plug-in hybrid pickup truck — named Ramcharger — under development.

    Not to worry, says Business Insider. These are all inevitable teething problems…

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