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    Gretchen (Benjamin) Pfeiffer: Biodiversity and the Driftless

    World leaders meeting in Canada recently took action that adds urgency to work that’s been part of the mission of La Crosse-based Mississippi Valley Conservancy since it was started 26 years ago.

    The leaders at the Convention for Biological Diversity — Conference of Parties 15 (COP 15) in December agreed with scientists that to protect the world against the threat of global extinction for all species in all ecosystems, the world needs to protect some 30% of the earth’s biodiversity by 2030. And that, of course, includes the ecosystem we call home — the Driftless Area of southwest Wisconsin, where the conservancy works in a nine-county area to protect land, which is one of the best ways to support species that may be endangered.

    Global ecological scientists have warned that not since the loss of the dinosaurs has there been this level of extinction and if humans…

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