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    Germany–EU Spat Over E-Fuels Ends Amicably — For Now

    The European Union thought it was gliding down the highway toward a future without the sale of new internal combustion cars — which would be banned beginning in 2035 — until Germany threw a monkey wrench into the EU’s plans a few weeks ago by insisting that some cars with conventional engines be allowed to be sold if they run on carbon-neutral e-fuels. No doubt, that stipulation was inserted at the behest of certain German carmakers who can feel the clock ticking and are desperate to keep their primary business from being legislated out of existence.

    The German auto industry is a crucial part of that country’s economy when you add in all the parts suppliers, sales staff, insurance companies, tire companies, and repair facilities that are an essential part of the industry. In fact, it accounts for 5% of the country’s GDP and 820,000 jobs, according to the Financial…

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