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    Forum: Save habitat for wildlife that are losing homes

    By Liviya Harrison / Herald Forum

    I’m here to discuss something our community could do a better job at fixing. Since I was a kid, I have been concerned for our wildlife, to the point where when I was just 8 years old, I chose to be vegetarian and have been ever since.

    I have attended the Snohomish School District my whole life and I am currently a senior at Snohomish High School where I am taking a class called Civics and Environment. I was eager to take this class, considering the problems with our environment I’ve seen myself for years. We were assigned to act on an issue we truly believe in.

    I hope to open your eyes and our communities’ eyes on how and why we should take better care of our wildlife and their habitats. As quickly as humans can destroy natural habitats, we should be just as willing to put forth the effort to rebuild and attempt to replace what is…

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