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    Finished With That Lush Lawn? Here Are Green Yard Choices For The Environment

    Think of a lawn as a blank canvas. In this new era of climate consciousness, no longer is a lush lawn mandatory. You can convert that cultural status symbol into the best yard on the block — even without green grass. In fact, because a drought resistant yard is suddenly quite relevant to today’s changing climate, your eco-friendly landscape will thrive in low water, fertilizer, and maintenance environs.

    It might even make you the model for your envious neighbors.

    A traditional lush lawn comes with serious costs to you and the environment, contributing to rising carbon dioxide emissions.

    • Manicured turf grass lawns cover up to 50 million acres of land in the US.
    • 17 million gallons of gasoline are spilled annually while refueling lawn mowers.
    • Most lawns require about 1.5 inches of water per week just to survive.
    • Rainwater runoff from lawns can carry pesticides and fertilizers…

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