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    Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety: How Much Of A Problem Is It? How To Deal With It

    Most people considering an electric vehicle are most worried about running out of charge and being stranded. They are also worried about where they can charge on long trips, how long charging takes, and how much will it slow them down on those cross-country trips.

    Most EV owners do 95% of their charging at home in the garage using 220V service at ~28 miles of charge per hour. However, you can charge from any 110V outlet, even the one next to the mirror in your bathroom. Though, 110V charging is very slow and not for highway charging, so it’s not really relevant to these concerns.

    I have been driving EVs now for 8 years and have never run out of charge. Well, that’s not strictly true. Once, I was purposely running my EV to dead empty to see how far it would really go. In the end, 13 miles after 0% charge, I ran out of electricity on the street in front of my house, where my EV…

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