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    Easy Gut-Healthy Melting Potatoes Recipe

    Nourishing, delicious, soul-soothing: What more could you ask for from a humble vegetable? Also considered one of the most affordable good-for-you foods on the market, there’s so much more that can—and should—be done with a potato than turning them into mash or fries.

    If you ask Yumna Jawad, the creator behind Feel Good Foodie, melting potatoes (a popularized-by-Pinterest recipe technique for what professional chefs refer to as fondant potatoes) should be at the top of your Potato Recipe To-Do List. Melting potatoes is a term that refers to potatoes that get pan-fried and then braised in delicious broth and aromatics. Translation: Browned and buttery spuds that crunch when you bite in, but then melt blissfully in your mouth. Melting potatoes are “the kind of dish that turns an ordinary weeknight dinner into something special,” says…

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