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    Duke Energy’s Idaho Project Is Part Of A Much Bigger National Expansion Through Clean Energy

    When I think of Duke Energy, I think of North Carolina. This is partly because I have family out there, and partly because the Duke name is commonly used out there. That’s where Duke Energy started, and it has grown to provide electricity services in several states, but these states are all fairly far east of the Mississippi. So, when I heard in a recent press release that it is opening up a big solar farm in Idaho, I was initially a little confused. But, it turns out that its clean energy footprint is about to become lot bigger than their normal service areas in the Eastern US.

    Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions recently made news by launching its 120-megawatt Jackpot Solar project in Twin Falls County, Idaho. This venture, done by the part of Duke Energy that focuses on these projects, should be pretty impactful in Idaho.

    This groundbreaking renewable energy project marks the…

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