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    Curious Nature: Your favorite fleece and reducing microplastic pollution

    For many of us not in the market for a new washing machine, specialty bags, such as the Guppyfriend washing bag, are available to capture plastic microfibers in the wash.
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    Whether you are visiting or living here in Eagle County, it does not take long to understand the need to be prepared outdoors for quick and sometimes extreme changes in the weather. A key strategy to staying warm and comfortable in the mountains is wearing layers.

    For many of us during the winter, this means dawning a fleece of some kind. It is soft. It is breathable. It is the perfect layer on and off the slopes and some might even argue that fleece is the pinnacle of cozy clothing. Unfortunately, all that fuzzy comfort can have an often unseen consequence.

    What do a fleece sweatshirt and a shaggy dog have in common? They both shed. When fleece clothing…

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