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    Cleaner Trucks are Critical for New England’s Health and Climate. 

    Electric, zero-emission medium- and heavy- duty vehicles (like these electric school buses) can keep serving our needs while slashing climate-damaging pollution. Photo: Shutterstock, Jung U.

    This morning, I was relieved to see a delivery truck dropping a box of diapers at my doorstep (not a moment too soon!). And when my refrigerator went on the fritz last month, it was another delivery truck that came to the rescue with a replacement. The entire country depends on trucks, buses, and large tractor trailers to transport a variety of goods: from food to furniture and everything in between.   

    Unfortunately, transportation is the largest source of climate-warming emissions in New England andthe entire country. Not to mention, vehicles spew pollution that warms our climate and dirties the air. And these very same medium- and heavy-duty vehicles are incredibly gas guzzling and…

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    Conservation Law Foundation
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