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    Celebrate little 2022 gains in climate justice push

    COP27 in November, and after push inside and outside negotiation rooms, some rich nations yielded to demands for funds to address climate induced loss and damage. [Carole Kimutai, Standard]

    December is here, and many are taking stock of what worked, what did not and the opportunities missed and the lessons learnt throughout the year. It is also a season of thanksgiving, if not for anything, but eyes to see little and big gains.

    One of the major events in 2022 was the February United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA 5-2) in Nairobi, with focus on biodiversity loss, climate change and pollution. One that stood out was resolution 14, which sought an internationally binding treaty to end plastic pollution, including in water bodies.

    Meanwhile, there were seemingly small acts, as many Kenyans planted trees and wrote about it and shared photos on social media. The Judiciary even…

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