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    Buying a Disaster-Resilient Home – Earth911

    When you’re buying a house it’s hard to ignore highly visible elements like paint and appliances, but easy to overlook factors that could affect your own safety. That’s why we have home inspections to check the plumbing and wiring before we buy. But there’s one thing even many inspectors usually overlook – disaster resilience. With climate change making disasters of all kinds more common, considering disaster preparedness before you buy a home is not just a good idea – it could be lifesaving.

    FLASH is the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, a consumer advocacy group for homebuyers. In 2021, they released the first homebuyer’s guide to resilience against natural disasters. In the 20th century, there didn’t seem to be much need for this kind of guide. If you lived in California, you had stricter building codes to protect against earthquakes. If you lived in Tornado Alley,…

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