Butter Chicken Bao

    Butter chicken bao (stuffed steamed bun) is an addictive snack or entree! No steamer needed! Fluffy bao with a crispy bottom is stuffed with creamy, plant-based Indian butter sauce soycurl filling! Nutfree

    serving plate of butter chicken bao with one flipped so you can see the crispy bottom and one town in half so you can see the filling
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    These are fusion steamed buns with a filling of soy curls in butter chicken sauce, and there is also some sauce on the side to dip.

    The bao are a simple yeasted bread dough, and then instead of steaming them in a steamer, I cook them like dumplings. I got this technique from Woon Heng, where you crisp up the bottom of the bao a little bit, then add some water to the skillet and let them cook and steam until the water disappears.

    This makes amazing bao! They get steamed and fluffy, and also get a crispy bottom. 

    vegan butter chicken bao filling

    Why You’ll Love Butter Chicken Bao

    • cloud-like dough stuffed with succulent, flavorful, vegan butter chicken
    • special…

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