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    BMW and Toyota just gave hydrogen cars a big vote of confidence

    When it comes to eco-friendly vehicles, most people think batteries over hydrogen. A new partnership between BMW and Toyota, however, may be giving the latter apparoch a desperately-needed publicity boost. Pieter Nota, BMW’s sales chief told Nikkei that BMW will be mass-producing and selling fuel-cell EVs made with Toyota as early as 2025.

    Toyota has a longer history working on hydrogen fuel cell EVs and recently showed off its 2022 Mirai that can get up to a 400-mile range. BMW is also working on hydrogen technology and is looking to produce its iX5 Hydrogen before the end of the year.

    The Toyota Mirai starts at $49,500.Toyota

    This partnership between the two car makers means they’re both committed to pursuing hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative to the more popular battery-powered electric vehicles. Although, you could also see this move as just another way to persuade customers…

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