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    Black Women In Tech Might Be the Key To Climate Justice

    Dr. Jackie “Bouvier” Copeland is a change artist, equity finance innovator, and the founder of the WISE Fund. (Courtesy photo)

    by Nadira Jamerson

    Toxic air. Dirty water. It seems we find out every day about another Black neighborhood being damaged by environmental pollution. The Justice Department recently filed a complaint against the city of Jackson, Mississippi — which has been without clean water since August — over its alleged violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act. And now Houston had to release a “boil water” notice to warn millions of residents against using contaminated water supplies. 

    On top of that, Black folks are more likely to live in communities impacted by climate change, and they are more likely to experience adverse health effects as a result. People of color in the United States are 61% more likely than white people to live in a…

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