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    Best Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

    When you’ve got sensitive skin, shopping for makeup and skincare can feel a bit like walking through a minefield. Burning, redness, and inflamed skin can all be side effects of using a product that’s too harsh for sensitive skin. Want products that won’t trigger a bad skin reaction? Read on for our 100% PURE guide – plus the best products for calm, healthy skin!

    Do I Have Sensitive Skin?

    First things first: do you have sensitive skin? When deciding how sensitive your skin might be, consider that there are two possibilities. The first possibility is that you do have ‘sensitive skin’, which can be part of your genetic code. Thin skin, blood vessels close to the surface of the skin, less pigmentation, and a weaker outer skin barrier are all common complaints of sensitive skin types. These factors often mean redness and irritation for your precious skin.

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