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    Best E-bikes 2023 Preview: the Jackrabbit Micromobility Solution

    Every year, I put together a list of some of the best, brand-new electric bikes and motorcycles you can buy … and this year is no different. Except it is, because there’s at least one bike that really deserves to be on that “best bikes” list, but it doesn’t really fit into any bike category I can think of. That bike: the Jackrabbit.

    Weighing in at a featherweight 24 pounds and sporting an ultra-short frame between a set of 20″ BMX-style wheels, the Jackrabbit isn’t really a bike. For starters, you don’t pedal it — but it’s definitely not a motorcycle, either. It has no suspension, but it has a throttle. It even manages to kind of “fold up,” but without actually folding.

    No matter how you try to classify it, in other words, there’s always something a bit different about it. “We do describe it as a micro e-bike,” said Jackrabbit co-founder, Jason…

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