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    Australian Mining News — Not Just Lithium, But Rare Earths!

    Andrew Forrest is a leader in the move away from fossil fuels. He established Fortescue Future Industries (FFFI) to capitalise on and accelerate the transition to a green global economy. Recently, while announcing Fortescue Metals Group’s “best-ever” half-year result he said: “We have … a very rare insight, I think, for a mining company, into what’s happening in the green energy revolution because we speak to everybody and we own businesses, like electrolyser facilities, very large battery facilities which are amongst the most advanced prototypes in the world,” Forrest said during Fortescue’s December quarterly investor call.

    “It’s showing us where we need to go, what we need to focus on.”

    And it’s not just lithium, but also rare earths, some of the key elements in EV drivetrains and batteries. Rare earths are used for the production of permanent magnets….

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