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    Another Big Ebusco Sale Shows How Far Behind The US Is About Electric Buses

    We’ve covered quite a few stories of electric bus sales, but the number of them vary. Many smaller US transit agencies buy one or two electric buses, to dip their toes in the water. Larger agencies, or those with experience from their past toe-dipping bus buy, tend to pick up a few more at a time as buses wear out and reach the end of their serviceable lives. In a few cases, a dozen buses, or maybe two dozen buses, is a big sale.

    But, this is a story about Norway. Yes, the very same Norway that Will Ferrell and Kenan Thompson were trying to get to during that Super Bowl commercial.

    Texas does everything big…except EVs. The king of embiggening EV sales is definitely Norway. Yes, that makes me a little miffed, too, but not at Norway or a globe that happens to be sitting in my garage. I’m more miffed at the US for not…

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