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    ACE EV On The Road — More Than Meets The Eye

    One of ACE EV’s directors had previously helped build the “switch” vehicle, an early iteration of the ACE Cargo. The first ACE Cargo was assembled here in Australia in 2019 at the MTAQ workshops, and more recently the V1 Transformer TC Series in Brisbane.

    ACE EV’s electric trolly collector photo courtesy ACE EV

    “McGarvie has worked with the smart technology developed by directors Gerhard Kurr and Dr Charles Kung. They have fast-tracked the design of a lightweight carbon-fibre reinforced plastic skeleton/monocoque that is at the core of ACE-EV vehicles. The vehicles are made from composite material which is 2–3 times stronger than steel. They are made up of a 14-part ‘skeleton’ and a 58-part ‘skin’. The Yewt weighs under 1000kg with the 30 kWh battery.”


    Will Qiang, Australian Director of International Business at ACE, with the skeleton of the ACE Cargo. Photo…

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