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    A 3-step guide to building a financially sustainable business in the face of future emergencies, CIO News, ET CIO

    Amidst a global health crisis, the economic and societal disruptions have been profound. While it is true that the pandemic has made the world go upside-down, it has also firmly instilled values such as sensitivity towards the community and country’s needs, as well as the confidence to overcome challenges in each of these aspects. Good preparation can aid recovery and help businesses become resilient in the face of future emergencies, which should be the focus of leaders to sustain in a post-pandemic world.

    With my decades of experience in finance, I have been fortunate enough to meet business leaders across industries. The one thing they have in common is the ability to adapt in times of uncertainty because economies can become vulnerable to factors such as a pandemic.

    Financial forecasting is making businesses more resilient in times of uncertainty

    Over the years, I have learned…

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