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    10 Ways to Avoid Consuming Microplastics

    Did you know humans consume about a credit card or plastic bottle cap’s worth of microplastics every week?! And if you’d like some visuals, this article shows the cereal bowl of plastic we eat every 6 months and the heaped dinner plate we eat every year. Yuck.

    So how can we reduce the amount of microplastics we ingest? Here’s 10 things you can do:

    1. Avoid Plastic Water Bottles

    In study of bottles water from 8 different countries 93% showed some sign of microplastic contamination and not only that but bottled water invariably add to the plastic pollution problem.

    2. Use a Water Filter

    So then you might think switching to tap water solves the problem – while tap water does have fewer microplastics than bottled water, unfortunately tap water also contains microplastics. The best way to remove them is with a good quality water filter.

    Filter pitches can be an easy and relatively…

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