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    10 Non-Toxic Tea Kettles for a Safe Sustainable Brew

    For many of us, brewing a cup of tea is something we do daily. Unfortunately, not all tea kettles are created equally and some may even contain and/or leach toxic materials. Thankfully, if you’re looking for non-toxic tea kettles, you’re in luck. There are numerous tea kettles available today that are safe for both us and the planet. Below, we’ll cover our top picks for non-toxic tea kettles, as well as what materials to look for. 

    Tea Kettles vs. Teapots: What’s The Difference?

    Tea kettles are commonly mistaken for teapots, so before we continue, let’s clear up the terminology. 

    Tea kettles are what we use to boil water for our tea, or any hot beverage. Teapots are not meant to be used to boil water. They are used to put your tea leaves and hot water into to pour your tea from. 

    Why Should You Choose A Non-Toxic Kea Kettle?

    Believe it or not, tea kettles are often made from…

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